The history of citadel begins in 2011. Since its inception, the company has an important place in the construction materials market. As of today, citadel is the
importing company of construction materials and equipment . Citadel's priority is a wide range of products and high
quality. That's why the company cooperates with international brands such as "Rockwool", "Sveza", "Peri", "Icopal", "Isover", "Liebherr", "GocmakSan", "Baumak" , "Syply", "kreisel", "Paroc", "Kronospan", "Saint-Gobein", "Bosch" and more.
Citadel offers customers the following construction materials: plate systems, metal, waterproofing, thermo and sound insulation, sticks / tiles and construction equipment. These products are fully compatible with the established and operating standards in the construction field. With the growth of products, the number of exclusive partners has increased. Today, Citadel is an exclusive partner of several brands ("kreisel", "Sveza", "Icopal", "Paroc", "Baumak", "Syply", "GocmakSan"). The growing development company Citadel is an active employer in the labor market . It is distinguished by the development of young, promising human resource development and employment.

The company's growth is driven by customer-oriented services, qualified staff, care and development. The goal of the company is to establish a long-term relationship with customers based on stable cooperation, reliability and quality.