Why Choose dental tourism in Georgia?

Save 70% - 80% and more on dental expenses

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Top quality dental clinic

Personalized Service

Discover the country of Georgia

WHY CHOOSE US:We provide you with all-inclusive service:

We book an appointment with a dentist in Georgia for you

We book you a hotel room or a guestroom, if you so desire

We personally transport you to the dental clinic of your choice

We help you get around Tbilisi and purchase medicines
Dental Tourism in Georgia:One logical question that may arise is – is it safe to undergo dental treatment in Georgia? Well, let us tell you that quality standards at our dental clinic are simply – world class.

Our Dental clinic

Our dental clinic is licensed to conduct dental practice. Georgian Ministry of Health has recently introduced strict infection control protocols for all dental clinics. Our dental clinic is licenced by the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs in Georgia.


All of the dental practitioners are professionals and qualified dentists. Our specialists are all registered to practice under the conditions of the Georgian Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs.