Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Georgia (BAFA) is a membership-based professional (non-profit, non-profit) organization. Was created on May 5, 1998, as a result of the Association of Accounters' Club and Accountants Association. Bapi is the legal successor of the Georgian Accountants Club (founded in 1996).

The purpose of the boss is to promote investment business environment by establishing the best international practices of accounting, financial statements and audits; To achieve high quality level of members, and to secure the quality of service to the public; Improving business environment and promoting economic growth of the country, ensuring the credibility and quality of financial statements.

The members of the baff are physical and legal entities representing accounting and auditing sphere. As of April 1, 2018, there are 7468 physical persons (including 579 certified) and 62 auditing companies, which hold more than 90 percent of the audit market in Georgia. Activities and membership area comprises regions of Georgia and regions.

Subsidiaries: Institute of Professional Accountants and LLC "Journal Accounting Accounting".

Main range of activities:  professional certification and continuing education; Monitoring of quality of members' service Members' consultation services; Lobbying the legislative basis regulating the profession; Developing standards-translation, preparation of their manual literature; Disciplinary inquiry and monitoring on the protection of professional ethics by members.