JB Martin was founded in 1921 in France, particularly in Fuchs. The slogan of the brand is "love of a woman's foot". They say that they are already more than a hundred years of love for a woman's feet, and they are doing everything they can to feel comfortable and at the same time be astonishingly attractive.

JB Martin is an ideal blend of French Strikes, Comfort, Quality and Feas. The brand is presented in more than 80 countries around the world.
Since 2013, JB MARTIN is producing CHANEL's first model, the famous French model INESS DE LA FRESSAGE, which is presented in our stores.
We also added such famous brands such as PELLET, BILTORNADE, CLERGET,
Whose history counts for 100 years.
JB Martin's first store in Tbilisi opened in the spring of 2008 in Beijing # 24/2.