“Management Systems” provides effective and economical service for implementation and registration of Management Systems on line with different international standards.

The service includes:

• Analyzing the existing situation of quality management systems at the organization;

• Preparation of working group within company for implementation quality management system;

• Preparation of HACCP working group within company for implementation food safety management system;

• Describing, documenting and consulting aiming at implementing the quality management system processes;

• Realization and implementation of “General Principles of Food Hygiene” considering recommendations of Codex Alimentarius;

• Developing, editing and completing a Quality Manual and related documents according to ISO 9001:2008;

• Consultations aiming at implementing quality and food safety management systems at the organizations;

• Personnel training and consulting about the occupational health and safety issues regarding the requirements of international standards;

• Preparing internal auditors within the organization;

• Conducting the joint internal audit at the organization;

• Arranging the certification audit.