Based on 20 years of experience, the "Steel House" was founded in 2014 and its main activity is import and realization of metal products. Our reliable partners are well-known suppliers of steel building materials from Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan and China. This fact determines high quality of suggested product and wide variety of choice (over 200 types of different products).

"Steel House" is a new company that achieved a lot during 4 years of its experience. In such a small period, company achieved a great success and reached the top of construction industry and today it stands among the leaders of Georgian Building Industry.

Company provides building materials of more than 50 worldwide suppliers, serves over 5000 loyal customers (both legal entrepreneurs and individuals). In addition, the "Steal House" is actively involved in the exporting industry of color and black metals, producing metal constructions- installation. Besides import and realization of building materials, holding operates in carrying bullet bags (received from the accumulators) to the international market.