Mosulishvili & Partners is an architecture and construction company specializing in residential and commercial buildings. We offer all kinds of services, starting from conception collaborating till the project realization.


fundamental clearance of the instruction (clearing the term for planning resolution of the instruction)
pre-planning (planning preparation, elaborating the essential parts for solving planning instruction)
project planning – final elaboration of planning instruction
permission planning – draft elaboration and carrying in for agreement, or necessary permission

building planning – elaborating building drafts and expression for starting the construction
preparations of the orders for building firms – clearing the quantity, making a list of works which shall be done
participation in the process of order issuing - establishing prices and participation in the process of order issuing
building supervision – supervision of building process and fulfilment
care and documentations of the object – supervising and documentation of the improvement of defects of the objects
Object passing

Permanent planning control during the projecting period, attention to detail and the enthusiasm for the building, provides top quality of our construction.

Our Company consists of young architects, civil engineers and builder, who has studied or worked in Germany and other West Europien Countries at different architecture or building firms.

We have few but satisfied customers and work with the following guiding principle: “better quality than more quantity”