"New universiti" innovation and modern teaching methods oriented university, whose mission is the new word in the Georgia and the region with students based learning, to encourage creativity and innovation, respect for the principles of the formation, to develop the students creative and creative thinking, to equip them to practice tikuli skills. The New University promotes mobility and internationalization, creating a glamor where the individual needs of each student is considered.

High Grievances, Offering Various Educational Programs to Promote the Community's Intellectual, Cultural, and Personal Growth "
To achieve our mission, "New University" will focus on 5  strategic priorities.


➔ increased the university attractiveness;
➔ create a university society;
➔ increase efficiency (capabilities);
➔ justify the expectations;
➔ develop quality.

Under the hood of each strategic priority known as the institutional ABC, we will also be guided by other
ways of development that are more detailed in our 3-year action  plan.

These measures are in line with the main strategic initiatives
that are based on each strategic priority.