"Telecom Engineering Company Ltd." was founded in June 1, 2009 as an organization which implements complex of planning, building and service as well as:

communication network planning
building, montage and service of communication lines
restoration, rehabilitation and service of main and separating network
service and montage of overground satellite system

Since foundation company has showed itself as honest and punctual partner. Great volume of works carried out in frames service of new and existing networks for different companies are as follows:

restoration of main and separating network;
building of land line system;

Cooperation with "Magticom Ltd." should be marked. In August 5, 2009 and August 31, 2009 two agreement was signed with Magticom. These agreements included construction of communication networks and service of existing network.

As mentioned above from 2009 "Telecom Engineering Company Ltd." is permanent partner of Magticom. This partnership is going to develop in recent year after Magticom has decided to lunch new service, which introduces new satellite television broadcast system PAY-TV in Georgia.

For implementation of activities mentioned above our company owns relevant material-technical basis. High skilled specialists with corresponding education are employed in TEC, which guarantees company to perform client's all requests timely and with high quality.

"TEC Ltd." implements post-warranty service, damage eradication, breakdown repair in established time and with high quality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for which special dispatch service is created in the company.